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Vincent Moens

MD, PhD Student

vincent moens 140x180Vincent is a Medicine graduated PhD Student. He joined the lab in 2013 with a project aimed at building computational models of behavior that combine Bayesian Statistics techniques, machine learning and neuropsychochological models of decision making. His main interest is the modelling behavioural flexibility in a Bayesian perspective, specifically in the context of Habitual and Goal-Directed behaviours (cfr. Habitual and goal-directed learning and Innovation sections).

Representative Publications

  1. Moens V, Zénon A. Black-Box Trial-by-trial Behavioural Modelling: A Variational Recurrent Inference Network optimisation algorithm for the Drift-Diffusion Model. Submitted


  1. Moens V and Zénon A. (2017, May). Simple and Full Drift Diffusion Model Under A Variational Bayes Algorithm. Seventh International Symposium on Biology of Decision Making. Bordeaux - France.
  2. Moens V, Zénon A. (2016, April). Drift-Diffusion-Model Integration Into A Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning Model Can Reveal Key Features Of Habitual Decision Making. Cognitive Neuroscience Society Annual Meeting. New York - USA.
  3. Moens V, Zénon A., Olivier E. (2015, October). Habits, action sequences and working memory from a behavioural and a computational perspective. Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting. Chicago - USA

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Institute of Neuroscience
Université catholique Louvain
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1200 Bruxelles, Belgium

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