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Cortical and subcortical mechanisms of visual attention

The brain has limited capacity: it can handle only a limited amount of information simultaneously. At the present moment you cannot read these words, watch a movie and play Sudoku at the very same time. You need to focus your brain resources on one, or at best a few, sources of information at a time. How do you do it? How does your brain handle this deluge of information that it receives at every moment? In the present research project, we are trying to reveal the mechanisms underlying these mechanisms of selection taking place in the visual domain, that is, how the brain filters out the irrelevant visual information from the environment. More specifically, our objectives are to understand:

  1. Which sub-cortical networks are involved in selecting the visual information used to drive the behavioral response by means of high-resolution fMRI?
  2. How visual attention is allocated during the implicit learning of the statistical structure of the environment?
  3. What is the functional link between the visual selection mechanisms occurring within the brain and the eye movements?

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