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Selective attention and response selection during motor decisions

On many occasions, multiple stimuli in the environment compete for attention and action and we continuously have to select the ones which are the most compatible with the current context and our personal goals, while refraining us from selecting less relevant, yet possibly appealing, options. As such, decision making involves at least two major interrelated processes. The first one, called “selective attention”, biases competitive interactions between sensory representations, favouring information processing that is relevant according to behavioural goals while ignoring irrelevant stimuli. The second process, called “response selection”, controls for the appropriate accumulation of activity in competing response representations so as to ensure that the most beneficial action is selected. In fact, the degree of competition or conflict occurring during response selection in motor areas is likely to be highly dependent on the extent to which sensory information has been filtered by selective attention mechanisms. In our lab, we perform experiments to understand the interactions between selective attention and response selection processes in the context of motor decision making.

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