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Emmanuelle has been awarded a WBI-World Excellence Grant 2020. September 2020

Emmanuelle has recently been awarded a WBI-World Excellence Grant 2020 which will fund a three-months research exchange at the HM CINAC in Madrid (Spain).

This institution is headed by Prof. J. A. OBESO., an international expert in Parkinson’s Disease (PD) research. Emmanuelle will be investigating cortical excitability and tSMS-induced plasticity in patients with PD who have undergone a treatment by MRI-guided FUS ablation.
This project will be inserted in a larger research line at HM CINAC investigating the role of the motor cortex in the physiopathology (and possibly the pathogenesis) of PD and other movement disorders, based upon large samples of patients.

Due to Covid-19, it was decided to postpone Emmanuelle’s research exchange to the autumn of 2021.