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Thomas obtained a 3-year post-doctoral fellowship from the Belgian FNRS. June 2020

Congratulations to Thomas who got a postdoctoral grant from the Belgian Fonds National de la Recherche Scientifique (FNRS) involving 3 years of funding.
The goal of his research project is to unravel the contributions of decision making and response implementation on activity in the motor system with combined TMS-EEG: During action preparation, the corticospinal pathway is broadly suppressed, a state which is overcome for selected muscles. To assist response implementation, this suppression may allow selective activation of the correct response channel to rapidly drive response execution. To assist decision making, Due to this suppression more activation might be required to reach levels of motor activity critical for response initiation, thereby extending the time available for decision making. Temporal profiles of these processes in EEG- and TMS- data will be compared between experimental conditions specifically targeting the required speed of either decisions or movements.