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Pierre Vassiliadis

MD, PhD Student

Pierre is a MD who did his PhD jointly between the CoActions Lab and the Hummel Lab at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). Before that, he joined the CoActions lab in 2014 as a research student during his medical studies at UCLouvain. During his time in the lab, Pierre worked on the development of a new double-coil TMS approach allowing to obtain motor-evoked potentials in both hands simultaneously (Vassiliadis et al., 2018, Front Neurosci, Vassiliadis et al., 2020, JNP) and on the effect of reward on motor learning (Vassiliadis and Derosiere, 2020 JNeurosci, Vassiliadis et al., 2021, iScience, Vassiliadis et al., 2022, iScience). Pierre is now a post-doctoral fellow at EPFL where he works on the development of transcranial Temporal Interference Stimulation (tTIS), a new, non-invasive approach to target deep brain regions non-invasively (Wessel, Beanato et al., 2023, Nat Neurosci, Vassiliadis et al., 2023, biorxiv).

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Representative Publications

  1. Vassiliadis P, Beanato E, Popa T, Windel F, Morishita T, Neufeld E, Duque J, Derosiere G, Wessel MJ, Hummel FC (2023). Non-invasive stimulation of the human striatum disrupts reinforcement learning of motor skills. biorXiv.
  2. Vassiliadis P, Lete A, Duque J, Derosiere G. Reward timing matters in motor learning. iScience. 25: 104290 (2022).
  3. Vassiliadis P, Derosiere G, Dubuc C, Lete A, Crevecoeur C, Hummel FC, Duque J (2021). Reward boosts reinforcement-based motor learning. iScience.
  4. Vassiliadis P, Derosiere G. (2020) Selecting and executing actions for rewards. The Journal of Neuroscience.
  5. Vassiliadis P, Derosiere G, Grandjean J, Duque J (2020) Motor training strengthens corticospinal suppression during movement preparation. Journal of Neurophysiology.


  1. Vassiliadis P, Grandjean J, Derosiere G and Duque J (2019). Training-related modulation of preparatory activity in the motor system. Society for Neuroscience (SfN). Chicago, USA.
  2. Vassiliadis P, Derosiere G, Dubuc C, Crevecoeur C and Duque J (2019). Impact of reinforcement on action selection, initiation and execution during motor skill learning. Neural Control of Movement (NCM). Toyama, Japan.
  3. Vassiliadis P, Grandjean J, Derosiere G, De Wilde Y, Quemener L and Duque J (2018). Probing preparatory inhibition bilaterally with double-coil TMS. Belgian Brain Congress 2018. Liège, Belgium.


Institute of Neuroscience
Université catholique Louvain
Ave Mounier 53 - Bte B1.53.04
1200 Bruxelles, Belgium

Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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