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Mental fatigue

mental fatigueDespite being one of the most common complaints expressed by patients when visiting their doctor, and having often a strong detrimental impact on the quality of life, mental fatigue remains an ill-defined and poorly understood phenomenon. Its objective evaluation in clinical practice is also very difficult because of the numerous confounding factors that can impair its assessment, e.g. simulation, depression, etc. This research project aims to understand better the fundamental cognitive and neurophysiological mechanisms that are at the origin of mental fatigue and, ultimately, to develop new ways of objectively assess mental fatigue in patients. The experiments currently underway to address more specifically the link between motivational factors and mental fatigue both in healthy subjects and in patients.

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Related publications:

  1. Gergelyfi M, Solopchuk O, Dricot L, Benvenuto J, Zénon A. Mental fatigue decreases task-related cortical responses. Under review


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